Working at LiNKX

Using innovative technology and creativity, to craft products and services able to bring positive impact to our society

Towards a more productive and meaningful society

We believe that we have lots of resources, and even time, being wasted in nowadays society. By using innovative technology and creativity, we are aiming to craft products and services able to change this. We want to help in the creation of a more productive and meaningful society. A society without waste, and more purpose in everyone’s life.

Like working in a startup

There is a new whole world happening right now. In this new reality, there is no more room for the old way of doing business and creating products and services. We are living in a super-connected and rapidly changing society. In order to respond to this new zeitgeist, we believe that we must join a bold structure of a senior and specialized team, with a contemporary and creative mindset.

A global environment with local expertise

We think global, without forgetting that understanding local contexts and culture is a must. Our multidisciplinary team has people from more than 14 countries, and the huge majority of them are able to communicate at least in English and Japanese. Having such a diversity in culture allows us to bring a broader perspective to our projects and work-style.

Professional Empowerment

At LiNKX professionals have the ground to develop their skills and learn by testing and doing. Working with client-based projects or our in-house projects, every professional is empowered to be autonomous and grown together with the other team mates. We strongly believe in a people-driven organization where our people are the most treasured asset. We strive in creating and promoting empowered product teams.


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Super Flexible Time

We work on a flextime basis. This means that you can manage your schedule as long as you are aligned with your team and available for key meetings and periodic work sessions in groups.

Remote Work

We have an office, yes! And although many of us like to meet face-to-face, we truly believe that empowered professionals should focus their time and energy on bigger issues rather than commuting to the office. *This policy goes beyond the covid-19 pandemic

Learning and certifications

We support our team on training and certifications related to their work needs and professional growth.

Idle time policy

We share a policy of idle time, letting anyone use the extra time to learn new skills, share knowledge, or even develop a whole new service within our company.