Open Positions

LiNKX has a large number of engineers who cover both technical fields of software and hardware. We use advanced technology to eliminate waste, solve complex customer issues, and create a highly productive society.

Positions Available

Product & Design

Perform product discovery to improve the client's business.

Software Architect

Responsible for designing the software architecture of the product from start to finish, which includes the planning, development, launch, and closing phases of the project.

UX/UI Designer

Participate in the entire product development process, from brainstorming new product concepts to the final pixel changes before it launches.

Product Consultant

Perform product discovery to quickly understand and provide better solutions to transform the existing practices of various large companies.

Digital Development

Collaborate with product consultants and UI/UX designers to provide software solutions.

Software Engineer

Work as a member of the software solution development and cross-functional team and be responsible for the entire software development from conception to deployment.


Support the growth of LiNKX through human resources, labor, accounting, and general affairs.

IT Manager/ System and Infrastructure Administrator

Manage, update, and implement new and existing hardware and software to support the growth of LiNKX.

Hardware Development

Provide design and development services to clients in fields such as mechanical and electric.

Sorry, there are no positions available at this time.


Sales of LiNKX solutions to new enterprise accounts.

Sorry, there are no positions available at this time.